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Behind the scenes of the Imago

Glasshouse, a London street in the small, medieval town of Sillico.

Cinema has a magic touch, cinema changes things. In the district of Pieve Fosciana, on a peak, lies Sillico, a medieval village. It is immersed in a charming quietness one can find only on the top of a mountain surrounded by breathtaking greenery. There are not many inhabitants, considering the town's dimensions, but they are all wonderfully friendly! This little town with its tiny, quiet streets and its houses bound toghether with a connection made of stones let in for an entire month a very busy film crew

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What's crowdfunding?


How do the greatest stories and fairy tales begin? We surely have some memories of our childwood


about that: thoughts come out of someone's mind come out and lie down on piece of paper. So an


inmagination becomes reality. Nowadays we don't use only paper, yet every idea changes into a


plan all the same. A project is designed, and the story within is tied up to the stories of each person


who created it. In fact this is what we do, so that we try to involve everyone in our works, not just


film makers or producers. That's why we chose the crowdfunding system.


Maybe you're wondering “what's crowdfunding? How does it work?”


A group of people gathers, and decides to give money to support one or more projects they came to know through the internet. Individual projects are collected in particular websites. Anyone can support the idea he or she is most interested in. Those who give a contrubution get special prizes and unique possibilities.


Modern novels everyone can take part in, expecially followers. Find out what is like to live in the stories you' ve only listened to...



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